She said yes, I too say yes.

How appropriate that my first blog would be today–the Annunciation.  Arch Angel Gabriel comes to Mary and gives her her earthly and spiritual mission.  This young girl who never knew a man is not freaked out. What will her family say? What will Joseph say? Will she be stoned to death?  She is so sure of God that she simply pushes past all the questions she may have had and simple says yes.

After 50 plus years of chasing after God. Looking in every nook and cranny. Sometimes just not looking at all. I found God. He was right whe
re I left him. Every so patiently waiting for me in the Roman Catholic Church.  The very place I avoided because “they were wrong on just about every level”.  Yet while he was patiently waiting, he was with me on every step of my journey. He’s God after all, he can multi task like nobody’s business.  We embrace and rejoice. He asks are you ready? Ready to fully commit, fully love, fully serve, fully experience?

Well, maybe…I have so many doubts and questions. Definitely not like Maflowr staircase to heavenry who says yes right away.  Your church is a little tarnished. Your church  throughout history has done some not so nice things especially to Jews like me..

Yes, I don’t disagree but  you need to look beyond that. Beyond the government piece of the church. Look to the people and to their faithfulness, to their hearts. You are too are tarnished and in your history you’ve done some not so nice things. Forgive the church as I have forgiven you–neither of you are perfect.  Both of you have also done much good and you both have a heart that beats with mine.  So, it is I your God who is standing at the door of your heart and I’m asking. Will you commit, will you give me your whole heart?  We’ll work out the bumps together.

“Yes”.   I can’t believe I just said yes. What if I fail, what if I can’t do it?  Oh my goodness. I just said yes.

Familiar words from scripture come to me.“Jesus said to him: No man putting his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God”.
“And his wife looked back from behind him, and she became a pillar of salt”.

Yikes! looking back is not a good thing.

God just smiles at me. Apparently I’m amusing.

NOW your journey begins! We journey forward together!

You know my son had doubts and questions too once.  But,
He said yes, just like his mother and just like you. We travel in good company.










About faithgirl54

I have journeyed all my life looking for God. Winding roads, dead ends, hills and valleys. I found him right where I left him, waiting patiently for me to come home.
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